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there's no one left to save

when everybody has someone to die for

1 September
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Actually my life isn't that bad as i thought it was for a couple of years. Here you'll find out about shows i'm going to, about stories that i tell, stuff that goes through my mind, and stuff that i probably couldn't tell anyone to thier face. I'm 17 years old and i enjoy everything that i have. my friends are better than yours and i live for the glory. Are you in a band? tell me, cause i'll probably support you in any way i can. I hope you enjoy reading my journal. i appreciate it alot.

Are you a minority, gay, someone into music, have beliefs? stand up for them? are you a human? if you fit into any of those.. please join my community and spread the word minority_threat

loveroftomorrow add me. it's a journal i have to express some stuff that i'm feeling like

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